Discounted Training Opportunity for Adoptive Parents

A unique training opportunity for current or prospective adoptive parents that involves hearing all about the adoptee perspective through personal stories.

adoptionlearningAdoption STAR takes a strong stand when it comes to adoption education for prospective adoptive parents. The best example of this is one all agency clients are familiar with – you have to obtain educational credits as a part of the adoption process.

As Adoption STAR, every prospective adoptive parent much complete at least 40 educational credits prior to child placement. Credits do not necessarily equal hours spent on an activity. For the exception of agency home study classes, couples (if applicable) are not required to complete the same activities. Couples may attend or complete the same or different activities, as long as each person ends up with at least 40 credits. The agency takes this system very seriously, as it was created to prepare clients for adoptive parenthood and to assure that the best interest of all children are being served.

Adoption STAR’s International Adoption Coordinator recently brought a great training opportunity to our attention, and we wanted to share it with all of you. It’s offered through a fantastic on-line educational resource named Adoption Learning Partners. The training is entitled, “Adopted: The Identity Project.” As per Adoption Learning Partners’ website, “This course guides parents through a series of adoptee stories giving a unique view into the hearts, minds and souls of the adopted person experience. Discussions involve unresolved questions surrounding their birth family, the decision to place them for adoption and how much of who they are is related to their DNA vs. their upbringing. These stories are supported with clinical insights from our expert offering practical tips for parents to use with their own family.

  • Adult adoptees reflect on their experiences as children and teens;
  • Invaluable insights into what their child may be feeling;
  • Practical tips from our experts for parents to use with their own family”

To learn more about the training, see a preview video, or register for this on-line opportunity at a discounted rate, check out the following link: Adopted: The Identity Project