For Florida Clients: Film Showing

I Have Roots and Branches, a documentary-style, adoption-themed movie, is showing in the Fort Myers area on Monday, November 23rd.

Untitled-1As per a blog post we published last month, I Have Roots and Branches is an exceptional film that has tremendous value for those touched by adoption. With this November being the 26th year of National Adoption Month (and the the 11th anniversary of the film’s initial launch), what better way to acknowledge the significance of the month than to honor the “roots and branches” of adoption by making this film available to the adoption community at large.

“We want our children to know that if they were adopted, adoption is a wonderful, lifelong journey,’ says Flory Herman, Executive Producer of the film. “Let us all celebrate the roots from which they come and the branches that mold them into who they are and where they will go.”

Please join us for an exclusive showing on Monday, November 23, 2015, 1:00 PM at the South County Regional Library, 21100 Three Oaks Parkway, Estero, Florida 33928. Flory herself will be present at the showing for a Q & A following the film. Families formed through adoption, prospective adoptive families, birth families, and professionals in the adoption community should not miss this wonderful film.

In this award-winning documentary, adoptees ranging in age from childhood to adulthood share their deepest thoughts and emotions on the adoption experience which has profoundly shaped their lives and their loved ones. The film conveys a positive, encouraging and honest message about adoption. Viewers will find out firsthand how it feels to have been adopted and discover that all kids have common experiences growing up in their homes, surrounded by the families they know and love.

Please click here to access a PDF version of a flyer advertising the event.