For Multiracial Families – Come to Our Hair and Skin Care Class!

Families touched by transracial adoption should consider coming to this FREE class!

african-american-babiesNational Adoption Month is celebrated every November, and as a result, Adoption STAR offers all kinds of activities, classes and workshops throughout the month. Of all the items we place on our calendar, one of the most well attended events is always our annual hair and skin care class.

Held in our main office (131 John Muir Drive, Amherst, NY 14228), this important class provides assistance and education on all things related to the special hair and skin care needs of black and biracial children. This workshop is ideal for families that have adopted transracially or who are considering doing so. Adoption STAR staff and knowledgeable guest speakers will provide practical information that’s bound to be useful for all attendees. The class is open to both clients and non-clients, and there is no fee.

The class takes place on Tuesday, November 10th from 6pm to 8pm. To RSVP, please call or e-mail the agency – 716-639-3900 or

As authors Marta Barton, Liza Steinberg and Beth Hall have said, “It is essential to your children’s sense of identity and self-esteem that they are given the opportunity to look like they are well-cared for and groomed; this is particularly true of transracial families, already subjected to unusual social scrutiny by others who aren’t quite sure you are really a family. How your children look can shape the conclusions outsiders draw. Children notice others’ assessments and often interpret them as evidence of their own inadequacy. Young children are very concrete. They need to feel beautiful and handsome to contribute to a sense of pride in who they are. If their hair is a source of frustration and unhappiness, not just for them but for you, they may begin to develop low self esteem.”