Intel’s Impressive Adoption Benefits

Intel is an example of a company that’s dramatically revised it adoption benefits for employees in a BIG way!

k14564165Adoption STAR’s International Adoption Coordinator Meg Montgomery came across an October 25th, 2015 article by Dr. Elizabeth Yuko that shared information about new adoption and infertility benefit policies at Intel. You can find a link to the full article here:

‘Family is Family’: Why Intel’s New Adoption & Fertility Policies are a Step in the Right Direction

A quote in the article that’s mentioned repeatedly is this: “family is family – no matter what it looks like.” This sentiment is so deeply aligned with Adoption STAR’s own philosophy and belief system! We readily acknowledge that there are many different paths to parenthood, and a through consideration of them all is well advised. We also readily acknowledge and celebrate the beauty and tremendous diversity that exists in the modern American family.

Kudos to Intel for updating their policies, which will surely enable their employees to more realistically and practically entertain a wide variety of options. This is the kind of thoughtful deliberation that can be facilitated when a company supports employees that are beginning to think about what their family is going to “look like.”