For Transracial Adoptive Parents

Dr. Joy Hoffman offers a top ten list that’s a “must read” for anyone that has (or hopes to) adopt transracially.

avatar_d3640ed92f04_128Dr. Joy Hoffman is the Director of Diversity Initiatives and Resource Centers at California State University in Fullerton. She has a resume that includes 20+ years of work in such areas as diversity, culture, ethnic identity development, and inclusion. Dr. Hoffman was born in Seoul, South Korea and was adopted at the age of 9 months by Caucasian parents.

Recently Dr. Hoffman submitted a 2013 article, entitled Top Ten List for Transracial Adoptive Parents, to the KAD Diaries. Adoption STAR’s International Adoption Coordinator Meg Montgomery brought the piece to our attention, and several Adoption STAR staff members that it was crucial to share it with our blog readers. You can find a link to the article via the following link: Top Ten List for Transracial Adoptive Parents.