Congratulations! You’re a GRANDMA!

A recent video posted online shows an adoptive grandmother meeting her granddaughter for the very first time.

element-surprise-periodic-table-elements-words-chemical-to-illustrate-something-surpising-shocking-awe-33564609When prospective adoptive parents become Adoption STAR clients, they have a lot of decisions to make regarding the type of placement they may (or may not) be open to. One decision that must be made is in relation to what we often call a “last minute” placement opportunity. This is a situation in which, for whatever reason(s), an adoption plan is being made for a baby that has already been born and/or time constraints for child placement are severe.

The approach prospective adoptive parents take towards sharing the news of a “last minute” placement opportunity with their family and friends is an extremely personal one (as is the case for all placement opportunities). Over the years, some Adoption STAR clients have shared stories of their unique approaches towards “sharing the news,” including through a series of blog posts we ran in December of 2014 (links to which can be found below):

Sharing the News, Part 1: Ashley and Colin

Sharing the News, Part 2: Alison and Jason

An October 9, 2015 story written for the Huffington Post by author Yagana Shah details one adoptive couple’s decision to surprise a grandmother with her new granddaughter – and it was all caught on video!

To read the story and view the heartwarming footage, please click on the following link:

Woman Finding Out She’s A Grandma Shows The Beauty Of Adoption