Forward-Thinking Companies: Paternity Benefits

Here’s a list of 10 companies that provide exceptional paternity benefits for new fathers.
There’s no denying that the United States is wholly lacking when it comes to benefits for new parents (be they maternity benefits or paternity benefits). However, a recent article in Bloomberg Business (dated April 30th, 2015) did point out one bright spot when it comes to paternity leave – some American companies are light years ahead when it comes to providing family-friendly benefits to new fathers.

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The transition to new parenthood (especially first time new parenthood) is a stressful one to say the least. Knowing that your company is supportive (and not having to worry about whether or not your job is safe and secure) can go a long way towards helping new parents adjust to their important new roles without having to be worried or preoccupied by job-related concerns or stresses. Kudos to these ten companies for being so avant garde! Perhaps their paternity leave philosophies will serve as a benchmark for a U.S. government-sponsored paternity leave policies someday.