Gay Marriage In New York State: “For the Sake of the Children”

Sunday was the first day that gay and lesbian couples could legally marry in New York State, and the New York Times profiled four families who were looking forward to becoming a legal family in the eyes of New York State. The common thread in the four families profiled, was that they all had children, and in some way were getting married for their children.

Adoption STAR CEO and Founder, Michele Fried, touched on this topic a few weeks ago in a blog post. Michele made the point that the new marriage laws may not have a legal affect on adoption in New York State because gay and lesbian couples were allowed to adopt together in New York, despite not being married. While it may not have a lot of legal effects, Michele made a point of saying that it could have a large effect emotionally, saying that “what it does mean is that gay couples, though already legally able to adopt together in NYS, can now be legally bonded together, providing a safer, more secure forever family for a child.”

The families profiled in the New York Times article made the same point, saying that though they already felt as if they were married, marrying each other will create an even stronger family bond, especially for their children. One couple, Sarah Ellis and Kristen Henderson, said it best when Henderson told the New York Times that ““We feel like we’re marrying the kids. They are both hyphenated, Ellis-Henderson, and when we get married we’re going to do that, too. We’re taking our kids’ names.”

Another couple, Douglas Robinson and Michael Elasser, have two sons in their 20’s, and they are looking forward to their sons giving the toasts at their wedding celebration. Robinson and Elasser said that their sons have busy schedules and will have to travel for the celebration, however they will all be together for the wedding. “We are working the wedding around the kids,” Robinson said.