Meet Our Staff: Alex Rubin

For those who have not seen our new staff bio pages, we have recently added introduction videos for the staff members. I’d like to take the opportunity over the next few weeks to feature a different staff member on the blog.

This week’s featured staff member is Alex Rubin, who is the E-Marketing Coordinator at Adoption STAR.

Adoption STAR staff photo, Alex RubinFavorite type of food: New York Strip Steak with garlic mashed potatoes (though barbecued shrimp is also outstanding!)

Favorite TV show/movie: “Growing up my favorite TV show was Boy Meets World, and the show still holds up today. I Also loved Scrubs. As for movies, more recent films that I really liked were “Social Network” and “Dark Knight.” I have seen “Cool Runnings” and “D2″ more times than I care to count.”

Favorite band/artist growing up: “Growing up and today, my favorite band is The Beatles. I really liked Dave Matthews Band, Blink 182, Green Day, and Bush when I was growing up.”

Favorite band/artist today: “As I said above, The Beatles will always be number one. Today, I also really enjoy Mumford and Sons, Jason Mraz, The Killers and Muse and much more!”

Favorite aspect of working in the adoption field: “My favorite part of working in adoption, and especially working at Adoption STAR, is all of the great people that I meet, speak to, and work with on a daily basis.”

Click to read Alex’s full bio and see his video