God and Jetfire: Confessions of a Birth Mother

Author and Birth Mother Amy Seek’s memoir was released recently, and reviews indicate it’s a significant book that sheds much needed light on the birth mother experience.
The stories and experiences of birth parents are wide-ranging (which really shouldn’t come as a surprise given the level of diversity that exists amongst the group of people who have made adoption plans for their children). When it comes to sharing their stories publicly, some birth parents are criticized for being too cynical, inflammatory, or overtly anti-adoption. Other birth parents are criticized for being too encouraging, “sugar coating” everything, or being overtly pro-adoption. If these are the proverbial “ends of the spectrum,” than many would characterize Amy Seek’s new book as being smack in the middle of the spectrum, or in other words, a refreshingly unbiased point of view.

If/when you get a chance to read the book, please share your thoughts with us here at Adoption STAR. In the meantime, you can read some reviews of/commentary on the book via the following links:

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