Hair Care Resources

Many parents ask us about hair care products and methods for their children, and Adoption STAR adoptive mother, Amanda S., provided us with several blogs and websites that she uses that are great resources for parents. Many of these sites are written by mothers who have experience with trans-racial adoption.

Amanda said that she likes to keep her children’s hair natural and is not a fan of using relaxer on their hair. She also said that while most of these blogs are “geared towards girls or women, it’s easily applied to boys too.” – Join this National yahoo group as a Public Forum set up for people who have adopted transracially.  Get advice and tips from over 3,000 members on dealing with hair and skin care. – An Adoptive mother, of twin girls adopted from Ethiopia, writes this adorable blog.  The girls have completely different hair textures and this mother shares tutorials, videos, stories and her favorite products for styling and managing their hair. – A great site for styling and care. This mother of two, showcases a variety of natural, children’s hairstyles that cater to Biracial/African American hair care. Another Adoptive mother who adopted her daughter domestically writes this great site.  This blog features hair care instruction, product reviews, book reviews, and hot topics for natural hair care and transracial adoption.  This is a helpful site for both hair care tips and adoption discussions. – is written jointly by two adoptive moms of 5 children, who just love doing hair! Keep Me Curly includes styling videos, informational videos, product reviews, and a gallery of photos. is written by Rae, the mother of an older child.  Rae started to realize that her daughter was growing out of the ribbons and bows, and now writes about age-appropriate, natural styles for tweens and teens. – Debbie writes this adorable blog, in honor of her beautiful biracial daughter, Bella.  It includes product reviews and style pictures each year as Bella gets older.  Debbie provides a long list of resources, where to shop, and slide shows of pictures.

Adoption STAR will be holding it’s Annual Hair and Skin Care Class on Thursday, November 10, from 6-8pm. This popular class will assist and educate you in the special skin care necessary for black and biracial children. This class is for families who have adopted trans-racially or are considering doing so. The class is faccilitated by hair and skin care professionals and is open to both clients and non-clients. It will be held at the Unitarian Church of Amherst, 6320, Main St. Williamsville, NY 14221. There is no fee to attend and you can RSVP by emailing or calling (716)639-3900. Children are welcome to attend and there will be hands-on demonstrations and products available.