Making a Birth Plan

We have spoken a great deal about making an adoption plan for your child, but it is also important to have a plan for when you go into labor.

You will have your own preferences of ideas to include in your birth plan, and you can work with your Adoption STAR counselor to tailor your birth plan to fit your specific needs.

The Adoption STAR website has a sample birth plan that showcases some of the important decisions you may want to think about. Some of these questions include:

–       Who you want in the hospital room with you during labor as well as delivery

–       Who will cut the umbilical chord

–       Whether you would like to visit and feed your baby in the days following the birth

Making a birth plan is an important aspect of your pregnancy and adoption plan. After reading the sample birth plan on the Adoption STAR website, think about what specifics you would like to include in your plan. Adoption STAR has a birth parent specialist who will help you throughout your pregnancy and can assist you, along with your loved ones, with making decisions for your birth plan.

If you have are pregnant and are interested in learning more about your options, please contact the agency at or fill out this contact form.