Having the Adoption Conversation With Your Young Child: Modern Family Style

Not only is Modern Family a very funny show, it can be educational as well.
In the episode “2 Monkeys and a Panda” (which can be seen in entirety below) gay couple Cam and Mitchel, begin to talk about adoption with their daughter Lilly, who they adopted internationally.

Though Lilly is less than two years old in the sitcom, Cam does a great job of making adoption a “positive” word. The two fathers also write an adoption book for Lilly.

We watched this episode as a staff a few weeks ago, and everyone loved the way that Cam and Mitchell embraced the topic of adoption with Lilly at such a young age.

We always suggest talking about adoption from day one, and it is great to see a realistic, and humorous, portrayal of the type of conversation you can have with your young child.

What does everyone think about Modern Family? Who is your favorite character?