Adoption STAR Number 1 Father/Father Figure Contest Winner Is….


Erin is a birth mom and has spoken at many Adoption STAR classes and events. We received many great entries and it was very difficult to make a final decision about who’s entry was the best. One thing that is very clear is that all of the people who submitted entries are winners for having such great fathers in their lives!

Congratulations to Erin again, and you can read her winning entry below:

“My father is the best. He was adopted himself and found out a week after being released from surgery for colon cancer at 63.I received the call and had to relay information to him. Then, I got pregnant unplanned with my first child and my father decided it was time for early retirement, and as a single mom, my son (now going on 5) has been with grandpa since day one while I worked and after he was born I developed some more serious health issues and he’s stood by my side.

He plays sports, games and camps. Recently, I had another unplanned pregnancy with a lot of health complications that I have daily and the same father of the children decided that parenting wasn’t “his thing”.. I found an adoption agency through Texas by searching Google and spoke for months with a mother who gave up one of her children for adoption. I then found Adoption Star, I love them. I love and admire all the families on both sides of adoption.

My father stood by my side and although it hurt him too much to hold my daughter when she was born, my father came the day she was born to hold my hand. He drove home two hours from his camping trip to come by my side for literally an hour. My dad has held my son’s head when he was sick, and given him love, affection and guidance. He has started a college fund for him and play groups when mom (me) was too sick to go. My family may not be rich in cash but in love my dad doesn’t have a bigger heart. I said to my son the other day when he was aggravating me at a garage sale and I said I’ll put a price tag on you. He said for how much, I said oh honey your priceless. You’re both priceless!!”