Help Make our “15 and Fabulous” Event A Success

Can you help secure a donated item (or items) for use at our event’s basket raffles and silent auction?


Adoption STAR has been the beneficiary of tremendous generosity over the years. Whether it has come in the form of dedicated volunteers giving so freely of their time, individuals or organizations fundraising dollars on our behalf, or even hand-make baby blankets that are donated and the distributed to new Adoption STAR adoptive families, we’re lucky to have a wide variety of support from so many different people. We always try to do our best to say it on a regular basis, but it never hurts to repeat it – THANK YOU…for everything!

Having that said, we’re turning to our friends and supporters for assistance with our upcoming “15 and Fabulous: Fifteen Years of Touching Lives” event in May. To read more information about the event, please click here.

We are in need of donated items to include as a part of the basket raffles and silent auctions that will be happening during our event. If you (or someone you know) can able to help in this capacity, we’d be so very appreciative. A committee of folks has been working diligently on planning this event for several months now, and our committee co-chairs (and proud adoptive parents) Gregory and Robyn Altman have offered up the list of suggested “themes” for the basket raffles and/or silent auctions. Please review the list and if you can help in any way, contact Adoption STAR Development Associate Kristin Ackerman at 716-639-3900 or

Outdoor dining basket – picnic basket, outdoor plates, cups, tablecloth, accessories, etc.

Outdoor games – badminton, croquet, sprinklers for kids, balls, hula-hoops, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, etc.

Tae Kwon Do gift certificate

Grilling items basket – grill tools, marinades, hot sauces, apron, etc.

Buffalo-themed basket – Weber’s Mustard, Altman’s Horseradish, Chef’s Spaghetti Sauce, etc.

Nursery gift card for gardening supplies, plants, etc.

Arts and crafts baskets for all different ages

Miniature golf gift certificates

Bowling gift certificates

Lottery ticket basket

Kitchen gadgets – waffle maker with waffle Mix. Juicer. Small Keurig coffee maker with k-cups and mugs, etc.

Pool toys gift basket

Adirondack chairs

Outdoor folding chairs

Disney-themed basket

“New Baby” basket

Golf-themed basket

Beach-themed basket – beach towels, sunscreen, beach toys, etc.

Gift certificates to any local restaurants

Gift certificates to any local entertainment venues

Gift certificates for a local gym membership

Gift certificates for lessons of any sort (music, sports, etc.)

Gift certificates to local pet stores

Aromatherapy basket – Oils, incense, reed diffusers, etc.

Beauty-themed baskets – Hair care products, nail care products, etc.

Breakfast-themed basket – Jams/Jellies, bread/muffin mixes, maple syrups, etc.

Spice-themed basket – Any spices people would enjoy cooking with.

Wine-themed basket – An assortment of wines with wine glasses and/or other accessories.

Coffee/Tea Basket – An assortment of coffees and teas with mugs and/or other accessories