Help Save the Adoption Tax Credit

Adoption STAR has written many times that the current incarnation of the Adoption Tax Credit will expire in December 2012. Currently, families that finalize their adoption in 2012 will be eligible for an un-refundable credit of up to $12,170. Those finalize their adoption in 2013 would only be eligible for the tax credit if it is a special needs adoption.

There is currently a bill, entitled the Making Adoption Affordable Act, that could save the adoption tax credit, and ensure that adoption will be affordable to families in the future. According to New York State Citizens’ Coalition for Children (NYSCCC) one way make sure this bill is enacted is by contacting your local representative in the US House of Representatives, and asking that they cosponsor the bipartisan bill H.R. 4373,  Making Adoption Affordable Act.

To contact your local representative, you can call (202)225-3121 and ask for their office. You can find your representatives name at this website.

Adoption STAR is always looking for ways to make adoption affordable for families, and the Adoption Tax Credit, is one great way to do so. You do not need to be an adoptive family to be affected by the Adoption Tax Credit, so we encourage you to call your local representative, and also pass along this information to your friends and family so they can do the same!

For more information on the saving the Adoption Tax Credit, you can contact Adoption STAR by email or Toll-Free at 1(866)691-3300.