Join the Discussion! Adoption Themes in Television/Cinema


For the whole of 2014, Adoption STAR staff is going to be viewing adoption-themed clips from various television shows and films once per month at a staff meeting.

After viewing the clips, staff will discuss their initial reactions to what they saw, as well as provide written commentary on their impressions shortly after the staff meeting has ended.

Before we share the staff commentary via our Adoption STAR blog, we’re going to encourage our Facebook followers to view the clips first and then share their own commentary on the clips through posts on our agency’s Facebook page.

Once we’ve given our Facebook followers enough time to share their comments on the clips, we’ll follow up by posting Adoption STAR staff commentary on a separate blog post, and we’ll share that on Facebook for folks to read and review. We hope it will make for fascinating reading, especially when it comes to comparing what our Facebook followers had to say versus what Adoption STAR staff members had to say about the clips. A special “thank you” to Adoption STAR Client Relationship Manager Zack Fried for selecting and compiling all the clips we’ll be viewing as a part of this project.

You’ll find our latest clip here:

Please watch it and then head over to our Facebook page to post your thoughts and feelings about the clip. If you’re not currently connected to our agency via Facebook, here’s a link to Adoption STAR’s Facebook page.

For more information about clips we’ve already viewed, check out the following links:

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