Training Professionals on Adoption

Professional Development LogoDiscussing adoption with patients/clients isn’t easy to do unless healthcare and helping professionals are well educated on how to do it….and that’s something Adoption STAR can help with!

All too often, healthcare and helping professionals do not get any formal training on how to discuss the option of adoption with patients/clients in the midst of an unintended/unexpected pregnancy. While it is clear that such professionals would like to be able to effectively discuss adoption as an option, they typically shy away from having an in-depth conversation about it because they feel ill equipped to do so. As a matter of fact, the “adoption discussion” often times is simply handing over a pamphlet from an adoption agency – and that’s it!

In order to ensure healthcare and helping professionals are able to discuss adoption in a sensitive, intelligent, and compassionate way, Adoption STAR has committed itself to providing educational opportunities to physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, counselors and the like. It’s amazing how just one Adoption STAR in-service can give healthcare and helping professionals the tools they need to confidently present a host of adoption-related information to their patients/clients.

If you’re aware of an organization that would benefit form an adoption-related presentation or in-service, please contact Adoption STAR at 716-639-3900 or When can provide a great foundation of knowledge when it comes to any/all aspects of the adoption process.