Kudos Florida For Efforts With Older Child Adoptions!

We applaud Florida and their effort to find placements for older children.

Home Study Classes offer Prospective Adoptive Parents the tools and resources to make informed decisions as they consider who they feel confident parenting.

Florida is apparently leading the country in overall older child adoptions. The number of adoptions in Florida is up by more than one hundred from the previous year as more children find forever families.

According to the Department of Children and Families, the organization helped find permanent families for 3,353 children last year.

It is a well known fact that younger children are often adopted more quickly than teenagers and according to DCF about 12 percent of the children adopted last year were 13-years or older. One hundred of the children had been in foster care for longer than five years.

All children need and deserve forever families. DCF is steadfast in their commitment to find families, especially Floridians, open to adopting older children. Currently there are 750 children in foster care in Florida who are freed for adoption and who are still waiting for a family to call their own.

Information on older children currently available for adoption in Florida can be found at www.adoptflorida.org or by calling 1-800-96-ADOPT (1-800-962-3618). Families who need adoption education, home studies or are interested in infant adoption can reach out to Adoption STAR’s Florida office at 954-566-6055.

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