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Our International Adoption Coordinator Megan Montgomerymeganmontgomery describes the important work The Joint Council does and introduces their 38th Annual Child Welfare Symposium, held in San Francisco, CA (April 7-9, 2014).

Millions of children here in the US and around the world grow up without the love and support of a caring family. Intercountry adoption is one of few services that reach out to these children living outside of family care.

Professionals with similar motivations – to work toward decreasing the number of children living out of family care find support from one another under the umbrella of the The Joint Council on International Children’s Services. The Joint Council on International Children’s Services is an international non-profit organization, established as an International coalition serving children in the United States and abroad – which now has over 150 child welfare organizations involved.

In recent years, a series of restrictions and changes within International Adoption policy have significantly diminished the number of children being adopted across international borders. However, as advocates for the most vulnerable, The Joint Council and it’s partners continue to push for change that will make life with a family possible for every child. Together agencies and organizations collaborate to bring the needed services to children around the world; including adoption medicine, foster care and adoption, orphan and adoption nutrition, domestic and intercountry adoption, orphan care and women’s empowerment.

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The child welfare organizations who find support and information within Joint Council gather each year at the Joint Council on International Children’s Services Symposium to discuss current events and policies implicating the work that we do to advocate for children. In 2014 the 38th Annual Child Welfare Symposium, will be held in San Francisco, CA (April 7-9, 2014).

Together, with the support of organizations like The Joint Council we are able to work towards the advancement of the overall well-being of vulnerable children and their right to live in a permanent family.

If you are interested in learning more about the ways in which you can help make a change for children living out of family care. Consider learning more about various efforts to The Joint Council support children around the world.

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