Kudos to Adoption STAR’s Lisa Geiger!

ID picture - Lisa Geiger
Lisa Geiger, Compliance Associate

Adoption STAR congratulates Lisa Geiger on her promotion to Compliance Associate position.

Adoption STAR is always looking for ways to further improve every aspect of the agency’s service delivery. With that in mind, we recently created a brand new position here at the agency called Compliance Associate. We’re happy to report that Adoption STAR employee Lisa Geiger was promoted to the position.

Lisa originally started working at Adoption STAR back in 2010 and has held the positions of Adoption Counselor/International Coordinator, as well as Client Support. Now, she has risen to assume the position that she currently holds as the agency’s Compliance Associate. Lisa will assist prospective adoptive clients on the collection, organization, and editing of home studies. She will also ensure that each client file and home study is within compliance of state regulations, as well as agency policies.

Lisa has a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design from Buffalo State College and a Master of Science degree in Elementary Education from Canisius College.

Adoption STAR Associate Director Michael Hill says, “We are very fortunate to have someone of Lisa’s caliber on staff. She is committed to helping our prospective adoptive parent clients with various aspects of their adoption journey, and she does so with great kindness, courtesy and empathy. Lisa brings a high level of professionalism to her work at Adoption STAR. We look forward to seeing Lisa thrive in her new role and have no doubt she’ll continue to be a valuable resource for our agency’s clients.