March is Social Work Month!

all people matterThe official theme for Social Work Month this year is “All People Matter.”

Every March the NASW (National Association of Social Workers) place a spotlight on the social work profession.

The NASW website states, “This year’s theme and logo were chosen to help raise awareness about the American social work profession’s 116-year commitment to improving social conditions and quality of life opportunities for everyone.”

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In honor of Social Work Month and the many wonderful contributions made by our dedicated social workers at Adoption STAR, we asked some of our very own to respond to their thoughts about the field.

Megan Montgomery writes:

This was surprisingly hard for me…. basically I chose social work, because adoption chose me! I knew I wanted to work in adoption and my high school guidance counselor told me that I should become a social worker so that I could get into the field.

So, here goes…

I became a social worker because… I wanted to be involved in a profession where the primary goal was to make a difference.
To me being a social worker…is making it a priority to respect every individual and influence positive change in the world.
I love being a social worker because… I am able to play a part int he lives of so many wonderful children and families. Consistently I am reminded of the challenge that leads me and the purpose that drives me.

Peter Winkler writes:

I became a social worker because…I equate social work with helping people and I have worked in adoption and child welfare because kids are vulnerable.
To me being a social worker… It has been a life-long mission.
I love being a social worker because… Being a social worker has introduced me to some wonderful, generous and loving people-adoptive parents. I continue to be in awe of those adoptive parents who have made real sacrifices to help the children that they adopt.

Wendy Lane writes:

The mission of the social work profession is rooted in a set of core values that have always rung true to me. Those core values are: service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity and competence. These are values that are important to me and I feel I must integrate into my life and my work. There was a time when I did not work in the non-profit industry. During that time I was frustrated because I did not find any meaning in the work that I did. Being a social worker fits who I am and how I want to live my life. I am proud to be working in a field that my heart is truly invested in.

Lynlee Barbour writes:

I became a social worker because…being around and working with people was what I have loved since I can remember. Being a social worker means that I can do a variety of different areas and continue to work with people.

To me being a social worker…means being a support. No matter what role a social worker is in our job is to be a source of support for the people we work with.

I love being a social worker because…it always keeps me on my toes. I can’t think of another career that I would find more interesting, exciting and fun!

Deanne Day writes:

I love being a social worker because no day at work is ever the same. I get to interact with and help different people from different walks of life on a daily basis.

Joyce Morier writes:

I wanted to go into social work to help people where I could. First, I wanted to work with pre-schoolers with special needs but that never came to be. But, I have had a great journey with veterans, disabled people, and now with adoption.

Angela Laman writes:

I became a social worker as I enjoy working with children and families and enjoy seeing changes in their families through their own hard work. I also enjoy connecting individuals to resources and now enjoy seeing families come together through adoption. Seeing a child placed into a loving home that has been yearning for a child is one of the best rewards of all.

Alecia Zimmerman

I don’t think anyone chooses to become a social worker because it’s easy. There are many times when the normal 9-5 workday ends but I continue to think about or even work with clients. Sure, it takes effort to balance work and my personal life but at the end of the day (if the day does end), I think this is worth it. I became a social worker because it just felt natural. I like helping people and providing support while they are dealing with difficult situations. Being a social worker lets me do what feels right.