Who Are The Children Available For Adoption?

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Domestic Adoption

Adoption STAR may take custody of an infant and place immediately with in the adoptive family or we may collaborate with other agencies or attorneys to help identify a home for one of their infants or young children. By registering with Adoption STAR, you not only have the ability to be considered for an infant referral through the agency’s domestic adoption program but through referrals from other child-placing agencies that collaborate with Adoption STAR.

Adoption STAR places infants of all races and primarily receives referrals of infants born in the United States who are Caucasian, Black or mixed racial. Many of these children are considered healthy, while some are born with special needs or at-risk for developing special needs. The agency operates a Traditional Agency Program as well as an Agency-Assisted Private Adoption Program and an International Adoption Program. A prospective adoptive family will not receive a photo of the baby at the time of a domestic adoption referral. Photos and videos are often available for older children in the U.S foster care system as well as our international programs.

International Adoption

Adoption STAR has two primary placement programs. One is Bulgaria and the other is Hungary. Within these countries you most often find children who are older or a part of a sibling group. In Bulgaria, the children have a variety of special and/or medical needs. In Hungary, many of the children available are healthy. More boys are needing families, especially ages 4 and up. In both countries, the majority of children are of Roma/Romani or Turkish heritage, with dark eyes, olive skin and dark hair. Some children may be Caucasian.

Whether or not you adopt domestically or internationally, families who adopt children must recognize that there are no guarantees as to health, intelligence, psychological stability, appearance, development, or behavior of the child.

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