Meet Our Staff: Emma Widmer

For those who have not seen our new staff bio pages, we have recently added introduction videos for the staff members. I’d like to take the opportunity over the next few weeks to feature a different staff member on the blog.

This week’s featured staff member is Emma Widmer, who works part time at Adoption STAR with post adoption correspondence and also office support.

Adoption STAR Staff Photo - Emma Widmer

Favorite type of food: Chinese food

Favorite TV Show/movie: Forrest Gump

Favorite band/artist growing up: “Since I’m still in high school this is tough, but I’ve grown up listening to Disney Channel stars like the Jonas Brothers and “Hannah Montana.”

Favorite band/artist today: Paramore

Favorite aspect of working in the adoption field: “Post adoption letters. Seeing these letters and watching the babies develop through words and pictures is wonderful and inspiring.”

Click to read Emma’s full bio and see his video