National Adoption Month: Online Adoption Scavenger Hunt

With November being National Adoption Month, it is the perfect time to raise awareness about adoption among school-aged children. We have created an online adoption scavenger hunt that would be perfect for children 12 years and older.

The goal of the scavenger hunt is to educate about adoption while improving internet search skills. If you are a teacher who would like your class to participate, the scavenger hunt will work as a class-room exercise with the class completing it as a group, or as an individual home work exercise.

To complete the scavenger hunt just begin searching the internet for the answers to the questions below. There are many websites that will have the answers to the questions, so it is not necessarily important which websites the answers come from, but it is important that students learn which websites to trust and which ones not to trust. For this reason, it may be beneficial to ask your students to list which websites they received their information from.

Online Adoption Scavenger Hunt:

1. When is 2011 National Adoption Day?

2. When birth parents have the ability to remain in their child’s life after placement, what kind of adoption is this?

3. What is the name of Cameron and Mitchell’s adopted child on the television show “Modern Family”?

4. Which two US presidents were adopted as children?

5. Do state governments have the ability to make some adoption regulations, or are adoption laws only made by the federal government?

6. Name two states where adoptees are allowed to receive their original birth certificates?

7. Which member of the band “The Beatles” was adopted by his aunt?

8. What is adoption STAR’s local address?

9. What is it called when an American family adopts a child from another country?

10. Name one actor that has grown his family through adoption?

If you would like to print out the scavenger hunt, National Adoption Month Online Scavenger Hunt

We will be posting answers to the questions in a blog post this afternoon.