Poem from a Daughter to her Birth Mother

k5636712Adoption STAR’s Director of Adoption Kathy Crissey shares a piece of beautiful poetry that would never have been written without an adult daughter and a birth mother finding each other.

“This was written by the daughter of a former client of mine who recently passed away. When I worked with the client, she was searching for her daughter whom she had placed at birth. She was able to connect with her and I think the daughter’s words signify the importance of this connection and openness in adoption.” – Kathy Crissey, Director of Adoption

When I found you my world became complete.
I lived every day as a child wondering where and when and if we would meet.
I searched the Internet and made the calls, but all I hit were walls.
It wasn’t till I received a letter that I knew my life would change forever.
What would you look like?
What color was your hair?
Did I have your smile?
Do I have your eyes?
What makes you laugh what makes you cry?
Then I saw you, and I knew you were my mom.
It was an instant connection and bond.
Our spirit and hearts never tore apart, we were connected from the first beat of my heart.
You may not have tied my shoes and bandaged a bruise, but you gave me life and made a sacrifice.
We made up for the time we lost, but now you are gone…and I wipe the tears, yet grateful for all the years.
The times we laughed and the times we cried…I never thought I would say my last goodbye.
Now your body has been laid to rest and only memories are left.
Thank you for the time we shared and all the love and care.
You are special to me and I know that we will continue to meet.
It will be in spirit when I sleep…that I hold your hand and hear you speak.
I know there will be the DAY we meet and I will again feel complete, for half of my heart flew away when you were taken to a place of eternal grace.
Until we see each other again, I will meet you when I lay my head. Upon my sleep I will reach for you and I will find peace.
I love you Mommy… always and forever.