Post Adoption Issues


According to information provided by the Child Welfare Information Gateway, “it is common for adoptive families to need support and services after adoption.” This is one of the many reasons that Adoption STAR created its newest service, Family STAR. To learn more about Family STAR and the post adoption services it provides, you can visit their website.

The Child Welfare Information GatewayFamily STAR logo also provides the following information on one of the most common post adoption issues, loss and grief.

Loss and Grief – All adopted children experience loss at one or more points in their lives, and they may grieve their loss as they come to understand the role that adoption has played in their loves. They may struggle with understanding why they were placed for adoption and how that affects who they are. These feelings may change and reappear at different stages of life. Some adopted children may be confused by conflicting emotions about their birth parents – anger at having been placed for adoption or having their birth parents’ rights terminated or worry about their birth parents’ circumstances. All of these feelings may be acted out as hostility toward their adoptive parents. Adoptive parents also may experience loss and grief issues of their own, often stemming from infertility issues or the stress of the adoption experience itself.

The reality is that post adoption services can help families with not only loss and grief, but with a wide ranges of issues. Research has shown that all family members can benefit from some type of post adoption support. If you feel as though Wendy Lane can be of service to you and your family, don’t hesitate to give her a call. Family STAR is open and available to anyone touched by adoption (not just adoption STAR clients).