Typical Emotions – You’re Matched!

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Feelings you may be experiencing now:

You are matched.

Perhaps you have been matched before and it did not lead to a placement. Our advice is to do you best to relax and to think positive thoughts. While a match is not a definite placement, it is a very positive step in your adoption journey. The majority of matches do lead to placements.

Being matched and planning to adopt is a very joyous experience. But if you aren’t jumping for joy, relax! Sometimes our bodies don’t react the way we imagined them to. Often we are so overwhelmed by so many thoughts and feelings that we forget to relax and enjoy.

Adoptive parents worry about many things, just as biological parents do. You will worry about your baby’s health, growth, bonding, birth family, and if this is your first child, you may worry if you will be a good parent or be able to change your lifestyle to include this new family member.

These are just some of the many emotions you may experience. All of these feelings are normal. Talking about your feelings with your significant other, family members, friends, Adoption STAR staff, physician or support group before, during and after the placement will help you feel “normal.” Finding support systems is paramount when becoming an adoptive parent. Even if this is not your first parenting or adoption experience, no two cases are alike and no two babies are alike. Finding a comfortable support system will benefit you! Talk to the staff at Adoption STAR if you need someone to talk to or if you need referrals to support groups or other families.