Post Adoption Report Day – May 15th, 2017

th, 2017 The importance of post adoption reporting is often forgotten once an adoption has been finalized and life with a newly adopted child or children has begun. It’s critically important to ensure that this does not happen. Post adoption reporting is vital, and it should be prioritized.

Why Post Adoption Reporting is Important

In inter-country adoption, both the placement agencies and the country of origin rely heavily on post-adoption reports. These reports help to ensure the country of origin that the adopted child is well and receiving the appropriate care and protection in their new homes. They also help to provide additional resources when necessary. The submission of these reports in a timely fashion helps to ensure the continuation of inter-country adoption as an option for children living without families.

About the Post Adoption Report Requirement

Adoptive families are informed of the post adoption report requirement throughout the course of their adoption journey. The requirements for reports vary depending on the country of origin. Some reports require quite a bit of detail (and may even extend until the child is 18 or older). To learn more about country specific requirements for Post Adoption Reports, please visit the Post Adoption Reporting overview.

The Unfortunate Reality of Post Adoption Reports

Regrettably, many adoptive families do not complete the required post adoption reports. This unfortunate reality has become a true obstacle. Without Post Adoption Reports from US adoptive families, countries of origin often become concerned about the welfare and whereabouts of the adopted children. Missing or delinquent Post Adoption Reports can negatively impact the adoption agencies seeking authorization to work with those countries and also future US citizens who hope to adopt from those countries in the future. Thus, failure to submit Adoption Reports can stall the placement of thousands upon thousands of children in need of forever families. This concern and lack of follow-through on Post Adoption Reports could jeopardize the continuation of inter-country adoption all together, leaving countless children without placement opportunities.

Post-Adoption Report Day – May 15th

In an effort to bring the issue of Post Adoption Reports to light, the Office of Children’s Issues (CI) has designated May 15 as Post-Adoption Report Day. This day is designated to help address the challenge of missing and/or delinquent Post Adoption reports to countries that require them. Adoption STAR encourages you to check with your primary agency to verify that all of your post-adoption reports have been submitted. If you know you are behind on your post-adoption reporting, please take the time to immediately get back on track by scheduling the necessary visits. In the case where your family is the secondary placement for your adopted child, countries of origin still expect to receive post-adoption reports. These countries will become concerned about the child’s welfare if those reports are not received. Please touch base with the agency that facilitated the placement or the first placement family to ensure all reporting requirements have been met. You can read more about the Office of Children’s Issues efforts to address barriers to inter-country adoption, please see the Department’s FY2016 Annual Report to Congress. PLEASE JOIN US IN SPREADING THE WORD ABOUT POST-ADOPTION REPORT DAY – and in keeping inter-country adoption alive!  ]]>