Help Save the Adoption Tax Credit

The Adoption tax credit provides financial relief for individuals or couples with qualifying adoption expenses. According to the IRS, qualifying adoption expenses include adoption fees, court costs, travel expenses that may be incurred throughout the adoption process, and other expenses that directly relate to the legal adoption of a child or children. Expenses of this nature qualify even if incurred before a child has been identified. Throughout the years, the Adoption Tax Credit has been an invaluable asset for families who have gone through the adoption process. Without the financial aid the tax credit provides, thousands of families would not have been able to successfully adopt, in turn leaving many children displaced. In 2016, adoption expenses could be credited up to $13,640. While the adoption tax credit is still available in 2017, Congress is actively working to pass tax reform legislation that threatens the Adoption Tax Credit in its entirety. The elimination of the Adoption Tax Credit would have severe repercussions on thousands of people nationwide considering adoption.

How to Help Save the Adoption Tax Credit

You can join in on the effort to help save the Adoption Tax Credit that has helped make adoption possible for all families. One of the best ways to help save the Adoption Tax Credit is to share your story. Congress members will only vote to Save the Adoption Tax credit if they know their constituents support it. Your story and your voice will go a very long way to help inform and influence legislators who might be ill informed on the positive influence this tax credit has had on your adoption journey and on the adoption journey of thousands of families throughout the nation. Sharing your story is something that will take just 20-30 seconds of your time. According to the Adoption Council, you can follow these 8 simple steps to save the Adoption Tax Credit by sharing your story directly with your members of congress:
  1. Click here. Using your phone or computer with a camera:
  2. Click Send Video. A new window will pop up – click Make a Video.
  3. The camera will turn on, and you’re ready to record! Click the red button to start recording.
  4. When you’re done telling your story, click the red button again to stop recording.
  5. Review your video to make sure it’s what you want, and re-record if you want to make any changes.
  6. Click Send Video Message – and you’re done!
  7. Enter your info or log in with Facebook – it will ask you if your zip code is correct. Click confirm to send the message to your Members of Congress!
  8. Click the Facebook and Twitter buttons to share immediately with others and encourage them to take action too!
Once you’re all set sharing your story with congress, be sure to help spread the word to your family and friends who have also been touched by an adoption made possible by the Adoption Tax Credit. Tweet at your congress members! Use their Twitter handle so that your congress member gets the message loud and clear! Sample Tweets include:
  • The adoption tax credit made adoption possible for me and my family. Watch my story here [LINK] #SavetheATC #taxreform
  • .@(your Member of Congress) Without the adoption tax credit, I wouldn’t have been able to afford adoption. My story here [LINK] #SavetheATC #taxreform
  • For me and thousands of families, the adoption tax credit made adoption possible. Watch my story here [LINK] #SavetheATC #taxreform
Facebook is also a great avenue to spread the word. Consider sharing this sample Facebook post with your friends.
  • Without the adoption tax credit, I would not have been able to bring home my child[ren]. Watch my story here! [LINK]. Please join me and tell Congress we must save this credit! #SavetheATC #taxreform

Final Thoughts

Don’t wait until it’s too late to help save the Adoption Tax Credit. Your voice matters and we need your help! Join the effort to help sway legislators and share your story now!]]>