Post Placement Follow Up Calls

Associate Director Michael Hill shares some client comments regarding their Adoption STAR experience.

sondageOne of the responsibilities I have here at Adoption STAR is to conduct post placement follow up calls with our adoptive parent clients after they have received placement of a child. These calls, usually completed a few months after placement but before adoption finalization, provide an opportunity for me to “check in” with our newly created “forever families.”

These calls also provide me with an opportunity to receive some client feedback regarding their Adoption STAR experience to date. Here is a list of some of my favorite comments from recent post placement follow up calls I’ve completed:

“We had an extremely positive experience with Adoption STAR. If we decide to adopt again, we’d like to use your agency again.”

“Our time working with Adoption STAR was wonderful – the agency is very thorough and complete.”

“Everyone we worked with at the agency was really great.”

“We recommend you guys to anyone that brings up adoption.”

“Adoption STAR is very ethical and proactive in its approach to adoption.”

“The education we got from Adoption STAR made a big difference in how we thought about adoption; it really opened our eyes.”

“We were contacted often and felt well supported.”

The adoption journey is one that can be characterized by a great deal of emotional highs and lows. If you make the decision to embark on the journey, it’s important to feel a high level of trust with the agency that you’re going to be working with. I’m pleased that so many of our families have had their trust validated through positive experiences with Adoption STAR (as evidenced by the quotes above).