Realities in Adoption Planning

sue shaw and alecia zimmerman

Our Birth Parent Supervisor Sue Shaw and Expectant Parent Social Worker Alecia Zimmerman sheds light on one of the most frequent myths they encounter.

A popular adoption myth that that we often have to dispel for many prospective adoptive parents is this – birth parents are going to show up at your house and demand that the child be returned to them. While this sort of scenario seems to play out in countless made for TV movies, this isn’t something that Adoption STAR clients experience.

Adoptive parents need to remember that birth parents that choose to work with Adoption STAR are making a voluntary adoption plan, and have put a lot of time and thought into making such a plan. When we work with expectant parents considering the option of adoption, not only do we talk about making an adoption plan, but we also discuss a parenting plan and whether or not they feel they are able to parent the child. Expectant parents and birth parents are told that they have options, and we help them explore all of these options to facilitate informed consent. Whatever option an expectant parent chooses, it is of vital importance that they feel comfortable and confident with their decision.

When it comes to adoptive parents, birth parents and the sharing of identifying information, it’s important to remember that the agency does not share this information with either party. It is up to the adoptive parents and birth parents to share whatever information they are comfortable sharing, and this may (or may not) include identifying information.

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