Religious Faith Statement

As we celebrate during this year’s holiday season, we consider religion’s part in the adoption process.

Did you know that birth parents are required to sign a Religious Faith statement? Did you know that the agency is required follow the religious wishes of the birth parents when identifying an adoptive family for a child?

Before the agency will accept a surrender from a birth parent, we ascertain that the birth parents have a full understanding of the meaning of the religious faith requirements addressed in the law and even before an adoption plan is made we take statement of the religious wishes of the birth family. The statement signed by birth parents advises them of their right to express the wish that the child be placed in a family of the same religion as them, or of a different religion from them, or without regard to religion or with religion as a subordinate consideration. The statement advises the parents that their religious wishes will be complied with so far as they are consistent with the best interests of the child and where practicable.

In the absence of expressed religious wishes, determination of the religious wishes, if any, shall be made upon other facts of the case. If there is no evidence to the contrary, it shall be presumed that the parent wishes the child to be reared in the religion of the birth parent.

Even in the case where we may not have prospective adoptive parents of the religion requested, we will and have scoured the country to be sure to provide our birth parent clients with a choice of families within their requested religious preference. We have always met this request and believe it is our duty to do this.

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