On the Road Promoting Adoption Education

Adoption STAR has built a strong reputation for delivering exceptional trainings on adoption, and lately Associate Director Michael Hill has been very busy doing just that!
Over the first half of November 2014, I’ve travelled nearly 1,200 total miles delivering in-services, trainings, and professional development seminars for healthcare and helping professionals. It’s been an exceptionally busy half-month for this type of work, but we are always happy to meet the educational needs of any organization interested in adoption-specific education…..and it’s wonderfully poetic that it all happened in conjunction with National Adoption Month!

Before entering the field of adoption, Adoption STAR Founder/CEO Michele Fried was first and foremost an educator. Her interest in education is obvious to prospective adoptive parent clients of the agency, as evidenced by the home study classes and required adoption education that they complete in preparation to become parents.

However, Michele’s commitment to education extends far beyond just expanding and broadening the minds of those hopeful of adopting a child. The reality is this – very few nursing schools, schools of social work, or medical schools educate future healthcare and helping professionals on the option of adoption. As a result, healthcare and helping professionals often times find themselves at a loss for how to discuss the option of adoption in a thoughtful, sensitive, and intelligent way.

Our willingness to give professionals the tools they need to better describe, explore, and discuss adoption with their patients/clients goes a long way towards ensuring a woman in the midst of an unintended or unexpected pregnancy is able to thoroughly learn about and consider the option of adoption.

Michele has always encouraged me to conduct educational seminars on adoption whenever and wherever there’s a need….to groups of professionals as small as 5 or as big as 50! If you work for (or know of) an organization that would benefit from some adoption-specific education, please do not hesitate to contact me at 716-639-3900 or michael@adoptionstar.com.