Sisters in Eastern Europe Waiting for an Adoptive Family

International Adoption Coordinator Meg Montgomery shares information on a sibling group in need of an adoptive family.

meganmont1Sisters R (14 years) and J (12 years) live together with a foster family. These girls seem beautiful both inside and out. Each with their unique personality and interests, they can be a little shy at times, but have a lot to say once they warm up. Both girls express a positive attitude regarding adoption and are paperwork ready to be matched with a family now!

R is in 8th grade and demonstrates strong social skills. She has a small group of friends she is close with. Her communication and vocabulary are good and she reportedly shows good potential at school. Her photos and video show a smiling girl with a bright personality.

J is in the 6th grade and is said to have a creative side – she is known for having an interest in creative activities and likes to play games. She demonstrates independence and also shows good potential at school. She has a sweet, thoughtful smile.

We have medical and social histories plus photos and videos of these “clinically healthy “girls who can only be adopted together. If your family is looking to adopt a sibling group please consider contacting to learn more about how these girls might be the perfect fit for your family.

We are happy to share more information about these sisters (as well any of the other waiting children we are advocating for right now) or our overall international adoption services.

To learn more see our website: International Adoption