Six Signs Your Family Could Benefit from Post Adoption Support

Family STAR logoParenting is a full time job whether or not you are physically with your child 24-hours a day. Days move into weeks, weeks into months, months into years and you may wonder where has all the time gone, but you may also wonder if you should ask for support?

Here are just six signs that may indicate you and your family would benefit from Post Adoption Support.

  1. Behavioral challenges – inside the home: If verbal or non-verbal behavior is challenging you.
  2. Behavioral challenges – outside the home: If the school principal knows your phone number by heart.
  3. Communication challenges – your child does not respond to you unless you are texting them or you learn more about your child from others.
  4. Family rules – there are no rules or the rules you do have are being ignored.
  5. Adult time – if your usual date night with your partner is often cancelled or interrupted by your child.
  6. Unanswered questions – if your child asks questions that you are uncomfortable addressing.

Whether you responded affirmatively to one or six of the questions above, consider contacting Wendy Lane, MSW at Family STAR at or 716-639-3030.