Tackling Myths About Foster Care Adoption

A recent on-line piece worked to dispel myths and misconceptions about adopting through the foster care system.

11072334_835799663181179_5664561807057320253_n_cb2c4e519b3fd5a406f83751dc8ffd8f.today-inline-largeAdoption STAR realizes that there are many different paths to parenthood, and we encourage our clients to actively research each and every option that they’re curious about and/or comfortable with.

Adopting a child via the foster care system represents a very real opportunity for individuals or couples that are considering growing their families through adoption. However, as is the case with every type of adoption, there are a variety of myths, misconceptions and misunderstandings that people believe to be “truths.” As a result, many individuals become automatically dismissive of a particular option without having examined legitimate, factual information.

An August 5th piece for Today.com’s “Parents” section, written by Emma Davis, does an excellent job of helping people understand just how many children in foster care are waiting to be adopted, as well as de-bunking some of the typical reasons why people present as reluctant or disinterested in older child adoption.

A link to the aforementioned article can be found here: 18 photos and 6 facts that could challenge views about adopting from foster care