Ten Steps For Expectant Parents Considering Adoption

Realizing you are unexpectedly pregnant can be a scary and overwhelming experience. There are many thoughts and ideas running through your head along with fear.  It’s always good to know all of your options and this blog post is going to take you through 10 helpful steps of the adoption process.

The Adoption STAR website has a full page devoted to these steps, so I’m going to synopsize each step, and if you are interested in learning more, please visit the full version on the Adoption STAR website.

All expectant parents who work with Adoption STAR are eligible for all of the services we provide, free of charge, whether or not you make an adoption plan.

–       Free counseling

–       Help with medical bills and other pregnancy related expenses

–       The ability to speak with other birth parents and/or adoptees to learn about their personal experiences

–       Invitations to participate in our support groups.

–       24/7 availability, etc., etc.

Step 1: Making the First Contact With Adoption STAR: There are several ways to privately contact Adoption STAR. You can email us at info@adoptionstar.com or fill out an information request form.  If you feel more comfortable on the phone you can call Adoption STAR at 1-866-691-3300.  You will also be provided with a counselor’s cell number should you wish to call her via cell or text each other at your convenience.

Adoption STAR counselors are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and your contact will remain strictly confidential. It is important to learn about all of your options during your pregnancy so that you have the resources possible to make the best decision for both you and your child.

Step 2: Initial Appointment (If desired): The Adoption STAR staff will work to meet all of your needs with this initial meeting. You can meet with our birth parent specialist at your home, the Adoption STAR offices or another location if you so choose. If you are not ready to meet in person, we can set up a meeting by phone, email or regular mail.

Step 3: Informational Packet and Application: By filling out and returning the application form that Adoption STAR will mail to you, you are not committing to placing your baby for adoption. Instead you are agreeing to learn more about the adoption process and may withdraw at any time.

You can return the application by mail or in-person at an upcoming appointment.

Step 4: Explore all of your options: Your adoption counselor will meet with you. Their role will be to learn about your specific situation so that she can help you receive the help and support you will need during your pregnancy.

Your counselor will also help you go through all of your options, including, but not limited to parenting

Step 5 – Explore Adoption With An Adoption STAR Counselor: You will be introduced to the many different types of adoptions and options within the adoption process so that if you decide to make an adoption plan, you will be able to tailor a plan to meet yours and your baby’s best needs.

Step 6 – Creating an Adoption Plan: We strongly encourage you to select your baby’s parents, and your adoption counselor will work with you to go over your preferences for an adoptive family.

Step 7 – Creating a Birth Plan: Your birth plan is typically a written document prepared by you with the help of your adoption counselor. The Birth plan is then provided to the hospital and obstetrician prior to your due date.

One item that is important to include in the birth plan is who will be your support person for labor and delivery. Here is an example of what your birth plan may look like.

Step 8 – When the Baby is Born: You will be feeling many different emotions at this time, and that is completely normal. Your counselor will do her best to prepare you ahead of time for what to expect.

Step 9 – Placement Day: As long as you are still comfortable with your adoption plan it would be at this time that you would place baby with adoptive family. You can choose to be present at the time the adoptive parents receive the child or you can select not to be present.

Step 10 – Post Adoption Support: Over the next weeks and months you will feel a range of varying emotions and it is recommended that you permit your adoption counselor to stay in touch with you after placement.  Participating in one-on-one, small group and support group counseling and activities is truly important.