Test Your Adoption Knowledge

Yesterday I wrote about my day at the Infant Adoption Awareness Training Program (IAATP), and how I had to take a test at the beginning and end of class to test my knowledge of the adoption process. I thought it would be interesting to pass along some of the questions, so you can test your adoption knowledge.

Do we have anyone brave enough to put their answers in the comments section? I will put up a second post later this afternoon around 5 pm with the answers to these questions.

Good luck everyone!

1. What should a healthcare and/or professional say about grief and loss to a pregnant woman considering adoption?
a. “Grief and Loss is part of every adoption”
b. “Open Adoptions can cure grief and loss”
c. “Not every adoption results in grief and loss”

2. Choose the most appropriate way to refer to the process of adoption:
a. “Giving up your child”
b. “Putting your child up for adoption”
c. “Making an adoption plan”

3. What is the accurate and most neutral language to use to describe the biological parents?
a. Real parent
b. First parents
c. Birth parents

4. With a fully disclosed or open adoption:
a. Birth parents and adoptive parents may maintain contact through a third party
b. There is a full disclosure of identifying information between adoptive and birth families
c. Adoptive and birth families may visit each other once or twice per year but identifying information is not disclosed.

5. The term “put up for adoption” originated from:
a. Orphan Trains
b. A Carole King song
c. 19th century adoption records