The Difficulty in “Back to School” Season

Adoption STAR client and guest blogger Catherine Wadhams writes about how hard “back to school” season can be for prospective adoptive parents in the midst of “the wait.”
Dear Waiting Family,

Today your news feed is being bombarded with photos of smiling children, backpacks, and school buses. If you have a child at home you may have made a conscious decision to live today for that child and put the pain of waiting off for a day. If you are waiting for your first child your heart may be beating a steady, “When will it be me? Why isn’t it me? Why has my call not come?” Today may feel like there is a world of children and you are alone in your wait. I am here to tell you that you are not alone. I have waited, both childless and again with a child. I know the tightness you feel in your chest as you try to take a single breath and compose yourself. I know that you tried not to see the buses on your way to work. I know you longed to be held by your spouse, your partner, your mother, your friend…anyone who would realize that today hurts. I know that you are already a mother, a father, a parent to a child you are desperate to hold. I want you to know that I see you and that you are not alone.