The Family Tree

Untitled-12Anyone that’s visited our main office in Amherst, New York is familiar with the stunning Family Tree sculpture that graces the main wall of our lobby. Made of various beautifully colored metals, the Family Tree is an incredible piece of art…but it’s much more than that! The Family Tree gives Adoption STAR’s supporters the ability to create a lasting tribute that visually conveys how adoption begins with roots and expands through many branches.

Please consider making a donation to Adoption STAR via the Family Tree. In doing so, you’ll have the opportunity to engrave a message of your choice on a leaf, acorn, stone or root in honor of whomever you’d like. Your engraved sentiment will forever be a part of the Family Tree (and Adoption STAR will forever appreciate your generosity).

In considering a donation to Adoption STAR’s Family Tree, please note there are a variety of different options/price points to choose from:

Bronze Leaf – $150.00 donation
Silver Leaf – $250.00 donation
Gold Leaf – $500.00 donation
Acorn – $1,500.00 donation
Stone – $3,000.00 donation
Tree Root – $5,000.00 donation

Here are some sample engravings currently displayed on the Adoption STAR Family Tree:

“For Our Miracle Brayden”
“In Honor of Ethan On Your First Birthday”
“In Celebration of Elijah and Seth, Our Dreams Come True”
“In Honor of the paths that brought our Daughters to us”

Please click on the following link to make a donation to the Family Tree, as well as submit the message you’d like to have engraved.

The Family Tree

On behalf of everyone here at Adoption STAR, thank you for your participation in this special project and for creating a permanent, lasting tribute via our Family Tree.