This Week on Facebook: Are Chicken Fingers Finger Food…and more…

We have a lot of great conversations on Facebook each week, so every Thursday we will cover some of those topics in a quick blog post for those who are not on Facebook.

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Still waiting….

This week we asked “How did you celebrate the arrival of your child? Did you have a party or a religious ceremony?” We received a lot of great responses, including:

Theresa: “As Catholics, we had our beautiful daughter Lilly Elizabeth baptized into the church and then had a party for family and friends. I also had our families hold off on any baby showers until after adopting so that she could be the guest of honor!”

Stephanie: “We celebrate Adoption Day every year for each child on the day the adoption finalized. Over the years it’s become a smaller recognition of the day with a cake and exchange of good wishes but on our finalization days we had large catered parties.”

Belinda: “We had a baby dedication at our church. Also, the dates fell we celebrated at my husband’s nieces 4th of July Party.”

Dawn: For Thomas, I brought him home and the next day there was a shower with family and friends. As Catholics I also had each of the kids baptized into the church with a party afterwards for friends and family.”

We also discussed whether chicken fingers were a finger food, or whether you need to use a fork and knife? This was a spirited debate, but in the end hands won 7-3!

Another topic of discussion was activities/projects for prospective adoptive families to do while waiting for a match. Those responses included:

Jodi: “Getting to know other adoptive/prospective adoptive families helped me during our wait and I gained wonderful friends!…”

Karen: I kept as positive as I could be…did a lot of shopping…and bought décor mainly for baby’s room. I knew he/she would be coming SOON enough.”

Thank you to everyone who participates on the Adoption STAR Facebook page, and we’d love to hear what you think about all of these topics on the blog!