What Does National Adoption Month Mean to You?

November is National Adoption Month, and National Adoption Month can mean many things to many people. It can be a time of reflection, a time of celebration, a time of hope, and much, much more. No matter how you do so, National Adoption Month can be a great time to celebrate your role in the adoption journey, and how the adoption journey has impacted you and your family.

Recently on the Adoption STAR Facebook Page, we asked our followers what “National Adoption Month” meant to them, and received some great responses:

  • Tammee L.: “A time to be even more thankful for our nephew (adopted on this past Mother’s Day). He has forever changed our entire family for the better.”
  • Anneliese T.: “An “excuse” to mention adoption all the time, which is what I already do! 🙂 “
  • Lisa S.: “Hope.”
  • Belinda R.: “Blessing from God!”
  • Tammy L.: “Hope!”

To Adoption STAR, National Adoption Month is a great time to create even more adoption awareness. We do this by holding several events, classes and workshops throughout the month. To learn about all of Adoption STAR’s National Adoption Month events, please visit our events calendar.

We’d love to hear what National Adoption Month means to everyone else!