What To Expect At Your First Meeting With The Agency: Adoptive Parent Initial Consultation Appointment

In today’s blog post, we look at the first contact with the agency. At the end of the post, you will be introduced to an Adoption STAR social worker you may encounter in that first meeting.

After your registration arrives at Adoption STAR, you will receive a welcome call and an invitation to attend an initial consultation appointment where you will meet your assigned adoption social worker also known as your family advocate. The appointment will be at least one hour. The purpose of the consultation is to welcome you to the agency, to get to know one another, to receive more information about the agency and programs, to provide you with an opportunity to ask questions, to introduce you to the physical space of the office and other staff members.

During this initial meeting you also learn about the home study process and receive your entire home study packet! In fact it is this meeting that launches your actual home study process.

Throughout the consult appointment, your family advocate will encourage you to ask questions. You will be told what to bring with you to the appointment and we will provide many things for you to take home with you.

The appointment is held at the agency office (NYS, OH and FL) and can be arranged by telephone only if you are a far distance from one of our office locations. However, even if you reside out of the area, we highly recommend you making a trip in especially to the main office in Amherst, NY. Those who have traveled to us never regret it. Selecting an adoption agency is a very personal and important decision. Meeting us in person and seeing the staff in action truly fosters a strong connection.

We look forward to these consultation appointments. We enjoy welcoming new clients to the agency and thanking them for choosing Adoption STAR.

Rachael Metz

Rachael Metz, LMSW

Adoptive Parent Social Worker and Family Advocate

Rachael works in the Adoptive Parent Department as a Social Worker and Family Advocate providing support to adoptive families of Adoption STAR from their first steps of the process and throughout their adoption journey.

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