Who Is Parker Gevirtzman?

Michele FriedThis weekend Adoption STAR Founder & CEO Michele Fried attended a Candle Party hosted by Parker Gevirtzman which raised money for Adoption STAR. Read on to find out how to be included in the "forever party".

Who Is Parker Gevirtzman?

Well, I am glad you asked! Parker is a daddy (via adoption) to two beautiful little girls, a husband to terrific Paul Gevirtzman (the owner of The Counseling Center of WNY & CNY), a business man, friend, passionate individual and an advocate for adoption, and the rights of all families.

Why Do I Want You To Meet Parker?

Because Parker, via Social Media, “friended” Adoption STAR in a way that impressed us more than words can share. Parker, whose business ventures include http://www.LifeSmellsAmazing.com, where he is a consultant for Gold Canyon, planned a party in honor of his husband’s birthday while raising money and awareness of Adoption STAR!

Gold Canyon is a company that is all about having fun with friends and fragrance! Just one look, one light and one whiff of a Gold Canyon candle and you’ll see why people around the world just can’t get enough! Each candle, flame-less fragrance, and all-natural home cleaning products have been tested by a team of fragrance experts for unmistakable quality, value, and performance. Gold Canyon has over 100 fragrances, including seasonal favorites, along with on-trend décor and super-cute holders. Gold Canyon sets the standard in home fragrance not only with superior scents, but also with one-of-a-kind design. They are the only company to offer a CSA Safety Certified Warmer with a timer and auto shut-off feature. With cool-wax technology, they are parent-approved for use around kids and pets. The all-natural, plant-based home cleaners also make this company unique.

The party committed 25% of all purchases in support of Adoption STAR. Not only did Parker and Paul invite all their personal friends and family, they also hosted the event at Paul’s office this past Saturday. They decorated, put out party goodies, and truly showed all attendees a great time. They offered Adoption STAR an opportunity to share information about the agency and they introduced us to new friends.

Not only did we receive incredible attention because of this event, and a generous donation due to the party sales, but Parker and Paul have decided to host a "forever party" for Adoption STAR meaning that if you wish to purchase any products from Gold Canyon, you simply select "party for Adoption STAR" on this website: http://www.LifeSmellsAmazing.com and Adoption STAR will continue to benefit!

Adoption STAR plans to host a party in the near future and we are counting on your attendance as well!

Let’s face it, everyone loves candles and there are scented and non-scented options available! You don’t even need to live in this couple’s geographic area to participate. You can order online at anytime or at a future party OR If you wish to host a candle party for Adoption STAR, please, please contact Parker via his website link and let him know. You won’t regret it. He is an amazing host!

Honestly, I did not know what to expect and I was meeting this generous couple for the very first time, but not only did I have so much fun (I learned so much about candles, who knew? Loved the fun activities and incredible deals and smells!) I met new people and reconnected with old friends (small world!) and best of all, I am proud to call Parker and Paul my new friends!

Please know your order can simply be one candle or an abundance of candles (like I ordered!) as well as other related items. Plug-ins are coming soon too! The candles are perfect gifts and you are supporting Adoption STAR while you shop!

Thank you Parker for this incredible opportunity and thank you Paul for sharing your birthday with us! I can’t wait until my candles arrive!

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