Adoption STAR Affirms LGBT Families

Adoption STAR was recently awarded the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) All Children, All Families Seal of Recognition.
Every autumn, Adoption STAR hosts a gathering of New York City-based families that have adopted children successfully with the help of our agency (as well as clients that are waiting to adopt a child…and even individuals/couples that are considering becoming Adoption STAR clients).

This year’s gathering (which was held on 11/21/15 in Brooklyn) was extra special because it marked a wonderful presentation by HRC representatives honoring Adoption STAR’s renewal of the All Children, All Families Seal of Recognition.

To read more about the presentation itself, please click on the following link:
HRC’s All Children – All Families Honors Adoption Agency in New York

The HRC lays out a rigorous application process for child welfare agencies that are looking to secure this honor, and Adoption STAR is proud to have been approved! We pride ourselves on providing top-notch adoption services to LGBT individuals and couples in a way that is sensitive, thoughtful, and culturally competent.