Adoption STAR Celebrates Father’s Day: Jon H’s Story

My adoption journey started with a dream that has been inside me since I was a young man. Like many who are starting this trip I had many unanswered questions and a lot of tentativeness. Is this for me? Does this really work? Can we find that special child?

Looking back only a year ago it’s hard to believe how my life has changed. The desire to be a parent and the helping hands of Adoption STAR made our dreams come true.

After our adoption classes my wife completed our profile booklet and we started the tedious waiting game and hoped we would be profiled early and often. I think at this stage of the process, we as a couple felt overwhelmed, and even at times doubted if we would ever be picked or placed. I think it felt like we were a needle in haystack, and how would we ever be found?

We took our information to Father Bakers to see what local programs they had, and after that meeting we felt even more lost.

This is when our story went from common, to amazing and glorious.

When we left Father Bakers that day we went across the street to the famous Basilica to say a prayer and to light a candle. This was one of my Mother’s favorite places and I knew that sometimes it doesn’t hurt to ask for help. One day later we were profiled with our first mother and one week later we were linked to our daughter’s birth mom.

Upon meeting our birth mom many other uncanny coincidences and commonalities were found. We are certain that Claire, our daughter, was born to us, she was just brought to us in a different way.

She is now three months old and is beautiful in every way, from her soft skin to her deep blue eyes and her cute bald head. We cherish our time together, she is my little girl and I am her daddy.