Adoption STAR: Going Strong!

Western New York Family Magazine writes about Adoption STAR’s continued success, even at a time when other adoption agencies are closing their doors or scaling back services.
As another year begins, many individuals or couples may decide the time is right for them to start an adoption journey and become prospective adoptive parents. This decision typically comes with a commitment to research all of the adoption options that are available. If you happen to be one of the individuals that’s considering adoption, we invite you to learn more about Adoption STAR and all that we offer as a full-service adoption agency.

In a 1/3/16 article entitled, “Adoption STAR Has Vibrant Infant Adoption Program,” Western New York Family Magazine outlines Adoption STAR’s successes, philosophies, and commitment to ensuring that pregnant women interested in adoption are given the opportunity to access the comprehensive (and compassionate) services they deserve.

You can read the full article via the following link: Adoption STAR Has Vibrant Infant Adoption Program