Advice for Prospective Adoptive Parents

Recently a new Adoption STAR client, Lisa, posted a question on the Adoption STAR Facebook page, looking for advice as she and her husband begin their adoption journey with Adoption STAR. The agency believes that families who have already adopted are a great resource for prospective adoptive parents, as these families have already experienced the adoption process.

Some of the great responses from Adoption STAR Facebook followers included:

Jennifer K.: “1. Have patience. 2. Have faith. 3. There are many adoptive parents out there who will support you and help you through it…”

Joe R.: “Don’t give up and be prepared for an emotional roller coaster ride.”

Chrissy M.: “Ditto what Joe said! I remember I was so frustrated with the whole paperwork process and stopped doing it for two weeks. I now look back and think that if I had not stopped for those two weeks we would have been referred a different child – it was meant to be because we have the most beautiful perfect little girl who is meant to be a part of our family. Just don’t lose sight – you will have good days and bad days during the process but it’s sooooo worth every second of the process and the wait. For those that have adopted before we have the termed the process as paper pregnant!!!”

Belinda R.: “Don’t give up and your patience will pay off.”

Brittany J.: It’s an awesome journey…filled with ups and downs…but an awesome journey. You’ll look back at this time someday and realize everything happened exactly the way it was supposed to and that all your trials and travels were exactly as they were meant to be, just so you’d end up with the perfect son or daughter for your family. Be patient. Be at peace with the way things happen and try to enjoy the journey.”

Melida B.: “Breathe! Your time will def come! Always does!:-)”

Sarah G.: “The journey will be well worth it. You will get very frustrated & upset & think it will never happen, but keep faith. Keep in touch with your advocate. Continue to grow your grids. Don’t ever feel y like you’re going through this process alone. We’ve all been there or are experiencing it all currently. When ppl say, “Your baby will find you” it is absolutely true. You may not think so at the time, but when when you are matched & bring your baby home everything ppl said will click. Good luck through your journey :)”

Andrew M.: “Be open minded and flexible and enjoy the journey…”

Tamra L.: “Have lots of patience and don’t expect everything to happen quickly.”

Each and every response listed above is a great piece of advice for any waiting family. If you have a question about any adoption topic please email them to You can also follow the Adoption STAR Facebook page and post the question there.