Things To Know When Taking Your Child to the Doctor

Taking your child to the doctor can be a nervewracking and stressful experience for both parent and child…even if it’s just for a routine check-up. I-Village posted a slideshow of 10 things “Your Pediatrician Wishes You Knew” that may be helpful for your child’s next doctor visit.

According to the article, most parents will make about 24 doctor visits with their children before they’re three-years-old, but the doctor will only spend on average 60 seconds with each patient for a routine check-up. That’s why it’s important to be prepared for each doctors visit.

Some of the tips that the article provided included:

–  Book the appointment early when possible – and to book the first appointment of the morning or afternoon if you have a busy schedule, so you’re not waiting for other appointments to end.

– Make a list of all of your concerns – This way you have all of your questions answered and you don’t feel rushed at the end of the appointment.

– Take photos/videos of your child – If you’re going to the doctor for a specific reason, attempt to take a photo or video of the rash,bowel movement etc. to show the doctor.

– The doctors office can supply numbing cream for your child to take before receiving a shot.

– Use the Internet as a resource – “If your pediatrician prescribes a treatment that’s unfamiliar to you, ask for the name of a reputable website so you can get additional information.”

These are just some of the highlights from the slideshow. To view all of the helpful tips for taking your child to the doctor, please click here.

What are some tips you use when taking your children to the doctor?